VDS launches the VISION 200!

Leuven September 22 2008 Vehicle Design Summit (VDS), the very first university knowledge network for the automobile industry, launched the VISION's first prototype in Turin. The VISION 200 is presented at the prestigious DREAM Expo at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin, Italy, until the end of November. The expo selected 50 cars of the future to be showcased at the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile. The car stands side to side with famous classic cars of Bertone, Ferrari and Maserati.

The 200 is the first prototype in a line of cars to be expected over the coming years. The final version, a hybrid plug-in car weighing less than 600 kilograms, has an energy-equivalent of 1.2l/100km and a 20%-reduction in lifecycle costs compared to current standards.

VDS is an international project for which Group T collaborates with major international universities such as M.I.T. (US), Harvard University (US), TU Delft (The Netherlands) and Tsinghua University (China) to develop the car of the future. VDS GROEP T plays a key role in the project as it takes care of the frame, the electrical engine, and the motor controller.


VDS VISION 200 @ Dream Expo Torino 2008
The VDS VISION 200 vehicle will be presented at the automotive museum of Turin, from September 22 untill November 24.


The lull before the storm

The lull before the storm. At the moment, all VDS GROUP T Members are studying themselves to death. Still, no one is 100% focussed: the VDS Europe Design Review is coming up.

On January 23, not even a day after their final exam, the frame team and I will travel to sunny Milano, to stay there for over three weeks. Objective: define and build the first Vision mock-ups. The frame team will start with defining the design space. Simply said, Thijs, Pieter, Jan and Stijn will define the location of each component by placing it into a 1-day-built frame. Next, they will build a first generation prototype (or mock-up) of the frame, based on the results of the design space frame and based on the concept art drawings of the VDS TU Delft Team.

TU Delft Vision Concept Art

All other Design Review participants will split up into four teams. Managed by the VDS Org Team, advised by leading industry advisors, four automotive mock-up designs will be built: the eMotion, the Safety, the India and the China. I will take care of on-site coverage, making our partners visible to the world and supporting the frame team in all possible ways. The motorteam won't participate in the Design Review. These days they are putting all their effort in the design of the electrical motor and controller.

We would like to thank all our partners in advance. We would like to thank Makita in special, for delivering their professional high-end power tools. The frame team will need every possible power tool to build their frame properly. We also want to thank our distribution partner Mols, for using a Ford Galaxy car and a Mercedes Sprinter truck. Powered by Mols trucks, we're more confident than ever, to engage the VDS challenge!